Waar kan ik Mariadistel kopen?

Milk thistle is a flowering plant that belongs to the same plant family as daisies. It grows wild in the Mediterranean and is used to make herbal remedies. There are oral capsules, tablets and liquid extracts of milk thistle. The supplement is mostly used to treat liver problems. Milk thistle can cause an allergic reaction, …

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Fysiotherapie kan u helpen de pijnstillers te laten staan!

Millions of individuals live with chronic pain. To cope with everything from back and joint pain to debilitating pain from accidents, many people have turned to pain medication. Whether prescription or over-the-counter, there are several drawbacks to relying on medication to relieve pain. Pain pills can sometimes interact with other medications, they can be addictive, …

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Inzicht in opioïde verslaving

Pain, unfortunately, is a part of life. Whether it’s caused by injury or simply the natural process of aging, many people experience pain on a daily basis. Low back pain, neck pain caused by cervical spine issues, and arthritis-related joint pain are the most common pain-related patient concerns. Other causes for pain can include injury, …

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Vier stappen voor veilig gebruik van pijnstillers op recept

Four Steps for Using Prescription Pain Medications Safely ©Shutterstock/Kimberly Boyles(link is external) Prescription pain medications (opioids) are powerful drugs. They can be effective if they’re used safely, but if they’tedly, despite the harm they cause to the person’s life.re misused, a person can become addicted to them. Addiction occurs when a person continues to take drugs or alcohol …

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De 10 meest verslavende pijnstillers

One of the most common reasons Americans visit their doctors is to get help with pain relief. Pain causes distress and can even be debilitating. Doctors sometimes prescribe opioid pain relievers to their patients who are in pain. While these drugs can provide much-needed relief, they also have the potential for misuse and addiction. Addictive Pain Relievers …

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Beoordelingen van klanten


Beoordelingen van klanten

Amber 07/10/2020

Ik hou van jullie product en klantenservice!
Ik gebruikte het op mijn duimen. Werkte goed!!

Daniel 06/19/2020

Bedankt dat u de bestelling zo snel hebt verzonden. Zal opnieuw bestellen!

Welda 05/11/2020

Ik hou echt van dit product! Ik ben zo blij dat een vriendin me erover verteld heeft!

Kathy 06/14/2020

Ik ben zeer tevreden. Ik zal dit blijven kopen en gebruiken.
Geweldig product voor een eerlijke prijs!

Daniel 05-07-2020

Geweldig product, zeer goede service, snelle verzending.
Ik zal een lange tijd klant blijven,
Ik lijd al heel lang aan een croncische ziekte...
Het helpt me echt 😊
Dank u.