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Buyprescriptionz Pharmacy offers Airmail Express Mailing Service, DHL, USPS, EMS Shipping Service and FedEx for your online order with fast and secure delivery service.

Presently, we are offering two different shipping methods, and that’s Express Delivery and Regular Delivery for your purchase online.

In Express Delivery, the package is in limitations to get shipped within 24 hours in the USA only after payment is confirmed and it is in the expensive delivery slot.

In Regular Delivery, the package is in delivery on a standard time limit, and it is cheap for your orders.

We ensure that by USPS and Fedex, the time limit for delivery is 1-3 days for USA, 3-5 days for the United Kingdom and 4-7 days for other locations in the world.

Delivery Statuses and Delays

Buyprescriptionz Pharmacy ensures you that many factors can influence the delivery of your order. Some factors are domestic or international holidays, customs, and postal service technical issues. We are always tracking your order.

Seizures and Reshipping Status

At present, we have a high rate of successful deliveries, and that is 98 percent. And, the remaining two percent is for unforeseen events as the detainment of the package by customs, and this rarely happens. If your order got seized somehow during the delivery process, we would reship your full order after the seizing confirmation.

The customer has a liability in such cases to send us the original scanned documents of seizing received. Buyprescriptionz would need the scanned copy of the import license at the customer’s name so we can release the seized package from the customs.

Damaged Items in Transit

This situation is rare for us because we have a unique discreet packing method, which is safely handled through shipping processes. In case, you receive the damaged order, and you can contact us.


This is to inform you that Buyprescriptionz Online Pharmacy does not advocate, posses, encourage, or attempt to obtain any of the products and is not liable for the actions of our customers. The descriptions and opinions offered on this website are not medically advised and are speculative and subjective in worth.

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