Preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes

Buyprescriptionz Pharmacy vende medicamentos genéricos y de marca. Contamos con diferentes medicamentos en ambos segmentos. Los medicamentos genéricos son más baratos que los de marca debido a la poca publicidad, pero funcionan igual que los medicamentos de marca. En el mercado, los genéricos son sustitutos de los costosos medicamentos de marca.
The reasons vary for everyone. We avoid spending on marketing of any kind, taxes on the medicines are either unavailable in some countries or the products come in as unregistered. Our manufacturers have their production houses in the offshore zone where production costs are low. We have strict policies of not using child labor.
Generic medicines are the medicines which are in production on a different name for the same compound as the expensive branded medicines. The compound content of the pills, powder, or liquid is the same as in the branded medicines. They are safe and secure to use for long-term basis.
Buyprescriptionz Pharmacy sells the products/medications that are usually shipped from India and other countries like the USA and the European States. These medications are in approval by the Indian FDA for export. We also have other permissions from different countries to distribute the medicines listed on our website.
SSL Encryption is the best safeguarding technology used for private information over the internet. This encryption uses a Public Key Infrastructure to encrypt data and securely transmit the information on the internet. We give our customers private and secure trading experience. So, yes, we use the 128-bit SSL Encryption.
At present, we are offering two shipping methods: Traceable Courier Service and International Registered Airmail. For these methods, we ensure that your order is on the right track or not. We offer these methods on our shipping options: Express Delivery and Regular Delivery on your order online. We sent our packages within 24 hours after an order’s confirmation, and during that time, you changed the shipping option too.

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Comentarios de los clientes


Comentarios de los clientes

Ámbar 07/10/2020

Me encanta su producto y su servicio de atención al cliente.
Lo usé en mis pulgares. ¡Funcionó bien!

Daniel 06/19/2020

Gracias por enviar el pedido tan rápido. Volveré a hacer un pedido.

Welda 05/11/2020

Me gusta mucho este producto. Me alegro de que un amigo me haya hablado de él.

Kathy 06/14/2020

Estoy muy satisfecho. Seguiré comprando y usando esto.
¡Gran producto a un precio justo!

Daniel 05-07-2020

Gran producto, muy buen servicio, envío rápido.
Seré un cliente durante mucho tiempo,
He estado sufriendo una enfermedad croncica durante mucho tiempo..
Me ayuda mucho 😊