Fire trin til sikker brug af receptpligtig smertestillende medicin

Fire trin til sikker brug af receptpligtig smertestillende medicin

White prescription pills on a table near an open bottle. Other medicine bottles in the background.

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Prescription pain medications (opioids) are powerful drugs. They can be effective if they’re used safely, but if they’tedly, despite the harm they cause to the person’s misused, a person can become addicted to them. Addiction occurs when a person continues to take drugs or alcohol repea

Prescription pain medications can also cause nausea (feeling sick toath. the stomach), slow down a person’s breatng,hi and event sop the breathing completely, leading to de

Follow these four important steps to help you and your family stay safe when it comes to prescription opioids:

  • If a doctor or dentist prescribes a pain medication for you or someone in your family, ask if the medication contains an opioid. Talk about the risks, and consider asking if there are different treatments that could work.
  • pioid is prescribed for someone in your family who has a history of drug use, addiction, or mental illness, tell the doctor or dentist immeIf an odiately. Any of these factors can increase a person’s risk for opioid addiction.
  • Take opioids exactly the way they were prescribed, and never use them for any other reason. Never share medications with anyo
  • If you have leftover pills, get rid of them safely. Learn the steps to do that and discover programs in your area that t baakeck unused medications.

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Amber 07/10/2020

Elsker dit produkt og din kundeservice!
Har brugt det på mine tommelfingre. Virkede godt!!!

Daniel 06/19/2020

Tak, fordi du sendte ordren så hurtigt. Vil bestille igen!

Welda 05/11/2020

Jeg kan virkelig godt lide dette produkt! Jeg er så glad for, at en veninde fortalte mig om det!

Kathy 06/14/2020

Jeg er godt tilfreds. Jeg vil fortsætte med at købe og bruge den.
Fantastisk produkt til en rimelig pris!

Daniel 05-07-2020

Godt produkt, meget god service, hurtig forsendelse.
Jeg vil være kunde i lang tid,
Jeg har længe været ramt af en kronisk sygdom..
Det hjælper mig virkelig 😊